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Working with Carlos was such a pleasure. He was beyond patient and gave great direction. I couldn’t be happier with my headshots.

Jessica S.

Carlos Blancas, Hollywood Headshots Owner

Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew

A So-Cal native with a background in photojournalism, street photography, and traditional darkroom printing, my journey has led me to a deep passion for headshot photography. I believe that the most compelling headshots are those that reveal a person’s true character, capturing their natural expressions and emotions.

Hollywood Headshots
Hollywood Headshots
Hollywood Headshots
Hollywood Headshots

Hollywood Headshots offers professional headshot services to models, actors, and professionals in Los Angeles and Orange County. My approach is centered on providing a clean and polished look that conveys confidence and approachability. I provide on-site coaching to guide clients throughout the session, ensuring they achieve the desired results.

To prioritize my clients’ satisfaction, I limit bookings to two per day, allowing ample time for a personalized experience. There are no complicated packages or combinations to worry about—just a flat rate for the day. My clients can relax knowing that they won’t be rushed, and that they’ll leave with a headshot they can be truly proud of.

I believe in making every client feel like a star from the moment they step through my door, whether they’re in front of the camera or not. At Hollywood Headshots, I personalize the experience of each individual, recognizing that no amount of technical skill can compensate for the importance of making my clients feel truly special. You’re the star at Hollywood Headshots.

Hollywood Headshots